söndag, januari 27, 2008

tittar bort

för jag orkar inte ens se åt ditt håll...

lördag, januari 05, 2008


TODAY'S BIRTHDAY (Jan. 5). You have what it takes to get to the top. This year, hang onto that brass ring, and don't let go. Romance heats up with spring travel plans. Singles find love through work and religion. A long-term investment of time finally pays off in August. In October, mixers, weddings and office parties provide an opening into a fun social circle. Taurus and Leo adore you. Your lucky numbers are: 6, 1, 19, 33 and 42.

tisdag, januari 01, 2008

fotriktig hyllning till skåne

klassisk nyårsteve

vi vildvittror

blod ska flyta!

2008 blir ett bra år

Of all the signs, you are likely to experience the most deep-seated changes in 2008. This is a time when you truly discover your personal power, and the indications are that you channel your optimism and belief in yourself to create a personal breakthrough.

If you are trying to achieve high qualifications, this is the time it will happen, with a high point in November. This is generally a great year for travel and the expansion of your horizons. You are likely to have the benefit of an experienced advisor for most of the year, who smoothes the path ahead.

Early in the year there is likely to be resistance from people you are close to, as they find themselves emotionally unable to adjust to the new powerful you. They’ll come around. They will have to, as you are not in the mood to compromise.

As the year draws to a close you get involved in a major dilemma or controversy, which demands that you radically reinvent your ideas.


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